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Blackout & Whiteout Window Films

November 18, 2008

Maybe you have a nice new home theater, or, a classic photography darkroom. Or, maybe you just want more privacy. We can dark it out!

Maybe you own a shop and want to block visibility in sensitive spaces, but still want a lively and fresh look. Great! We’ll add a White Matte (Frost) Film to brighten up the decor.

White Frost Matte Window Film

Blackout = 0% Light Transmission
Whiteout = 7% Light Transmission

Blackout films should not be applied to double pane (thermal insulated windows) which are exposed to sunlight. This may cause overheating and rupture of the seals.
Whiteout films may be used on all types of glazing.

And if you’d still like a little something different. Try one of these great films:

  • White Matte
  • Bronze Matte
  • Grey Matte
  • Silver Matte

To learn more about these and other films check out our Film Specifications and Pricing Guidelines. For a free in-home or on-site estimate call us at 919.448.4801 today!

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