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September 16, 2008

For today’s businesses and enterprises, saving money and protecting assets is a key component to success. Feng Shui Tints has a variety of window film solutions to help your company maximize its’ potential.

Feng Shui Tints Commercial Window Film Installation

Feng Shui Tints Commercial Window Film Installation

Solar & Ultraviolet Protection
Heat from the sun and ultraviolet (uv) light can make the office environment unpleasant and uncomfortable for employees, guests, and customers. Plus, unwanted solar energy coming in the window means additional cooling which results in more money going out the door!

Office furniture, artwork, flooring and fabrics can all deteriorate due to extreme sunlight. Installing the right film in the workplace can significantly improve conditions by dramatically reducing heat and protecting the company’s assets. Ask us today which window film can reduce heat and sunlight in your office.

Glare Reduction
If your employees are having a difficult time reading the computer monitor, or, if you can’t see the lecturer holding the meeting due to intense sunlight, your business needs a glare reduction window film today!  Ask us today about how we can help improve efficiency and productivity by installing the right window film for you.

Safety & Security Films
Protect against losses! Stop break-ins, prevent storm damage, and protect against bomb blasts. Feng Shui Tints offers a range of clear and tinted films to meet your safety and security needs.

Decorative Films
Does your restaurant, hotel or office building need a touch of something special to add balance to your space? We provide a vast array of decorative films to liven up your interior design.

Are you looking to save money on your next design/build project?  If so, click here.

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