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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

October 28, 2008

Are the films used by Feng Shui Tints quality window films?

Absolutely! Feng Shui Tints’ only uses Express Window Films, who have provided high-quality window films since 1984.

Advances in technology have helped all the major manufacturers, many of whom share the same raw materials, sources and suppliers. However, other window film manufacturers spend millions of dollars on marketing each year in an effort to convince customers that their brand is unique, different and superior. Our films are comparable in construction, durability, performance and optical clarity to the best brands available.

Is there a warranty on the film?

Yes. Each film carries a complete warranty based on the type ranging from 5 years to lifetime. Click here for more Warranty Information. Offering a great product at a great price installed by professionals is our mission. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal. If there is any problem with the installation such as bubbling, peeling, or cracking within the first 30 days please contact us immediately and we’ll come out to fix any mistakes….free of charge!

Are the films removable?

Yes. All of the films are removable, but only the static cling films are reusable once they have been taken off. This is because the static cling films are not adhesive backed. They are held in place by static cling. Static cling films are used for summer / winter applications. They are vinyl based products which do not have the same brilliant optical clarity of our traditional adhesive type solar control films.

Is the film installed on the inside or the outside of the glass?

Always on the inside. The film will stick to the outside, but it will greatly reduce the life of the film. This is due to the fact that the UV stabilizers are incorporated within the film’s mounting adhesive, so the adhesive side must be facing the sun (installed on the inside, facing out).

Can window film be installed on Plexiglas, Lexan or plastic?

No. Films must be installed on glass only, or surface damage may result. Installing film on any type of plastic will cause bubbles to form underneath the film.

Can I install the film on double pane windows?

Yes. We can safely install approved window film on double pane (thermal insulated) windows which are 40 square feet or less in size.  If you have any questions, please feel free to speak with a Feng Shui Tints representative or your installer.

Can window film be installed on glass blocks or textured (unsmooth) glass?

No. our window films will only adhere to smooth glass surfaces. The films will not adhere properly to glass blocks, textured, sandblasted or other types of non-smooth surfaces.

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