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September 16, 2008

Whether you’re looking for protection from the sun, security for your family, or for a complement to your interior design, Feng Shui Tints can fit your home with the perfect window film.

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Solar & Ultraviolet Protection
Heat from the sun and ultraviolet (uv) light can be harmful to the skin and damaging to property. Furniture, artwork, flooring and fabrics can all deteriorate due to extreme sunlight. Installing the right film in your home can significantly improve the conditions of your living space by dramatically reducing heat and protecting your precious property. Ask us today which window film would be best in your home.

Glare Reduction
Do you have a difficult time watching your favorite movies and shows on your widescreen television from glare? Is it difficult to see the person across the room from you when you speak? If so, one of our glare reduction window films is for you.

Safety & Security Films
Feng Shui Tints believes in family first! So, to help keep your family safe we offer a complete range of protective films. Protect against hurricanes, bomb blasts, and unwanted break-ins. Ask us today about the window film that is appropriate for your situation.

Decorative Films
So you want to add a little spice of life to your interior design. A decorative window film will help get you going in the right direction. Frosted glass, various designs and specialty colors are all available. Ask us today about the unlimited possibilities.

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