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Why use a window film on your home?

September 30, 2008

Here are some great reasons to add a nice neutral or reflective window film to your interior design.

Feng Shui Window Tintings Bullet Points

  • Temperature - A good window film will keep the heat out in the summer, and add insulation to your window in the winter. Perfect for those who like a moderate and consistent climate in the home.
  • Health - We love the sun! But, the sad fact is it is quite harmful to our skin. Therefore, we recommend adding a ultraviolet protective film to all windows. Even the lightest Silver Reflective films offer outstanding uv protection.
  • Privacy - There is nothing better than having your windows wide open but experiencing total privacy. Need we say more?
  • Safety - A protective window film can offer safety against hurricanes, tropical storms, bomb blasts, projectiles, break-ins and more.
  • Mood - Having a nice window film can assist in creating a soothing and inviting atmosphere in the interior of your home. Upgrade and enhance your home in the ancient tradition of … Feng Shui.

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